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  1. Eavesdrop
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-- Eavesdrop --
Not every tear finds its way out.
In a heaven where you wander about
I so wish I could believe, but I am so racked with doubt.

Not every tear finds its way out. (x2)
Not every tear finds its way.

Call down from your elysian meadows and I will lend my entirety too.

Even if that choice destroys every piece of me, at least it will set a tear free.

A tear free (x3)

Though it couldn't ever be. As your voice went with a final exhalation caught on a dulcet breeze many suns ago.

A woe to a man with no body but his own

to embrace. (x3)

How I yearn to see that face in whatever place it radiates. Anywhere but this noisome city among beings that I pity and that do surely pity me.

How I yearn, how I yearn to see your lips. Oh, see your lips. And the way, and the way they did pout.

Not every tear finds its way out. (x2)
Its way out.